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Activities so far

Activities so far

Lectures held

A total of 14 classes were held for teenagers. We single out the following lectures:

prof. Vedran Zubić

“Children! Education! Science! Fun!” – wrote Professor Vedran Zubić, a man who does not hide his love for education, his vocation, and especially not for children! We had the honor that he, the best professor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, held classes in geography and history, and gave children the opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge about Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The lecture began with the presentation of children – from which are of Bosnia and Herzegovina is their origin and where they now live. The rest of the lecture prof. Zubić spoke a little more about Bosnian geography.

prof. Vedran Zubić & prof. Đenana Bajraktarević

The history lecture started after a successful geography quiz. Through this lecture, Professor Zubić presented and mentioned 18 most important figures from the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, the children were introduced to the most important dates (events) in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Neolithic period until 1992!

This meeting was successfully concluded by Professor Đenana Bajraktarević from the Travnik Madrasa with a lecture on „Tradition and Culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina“. The professor presented 12 authors of different literary variations who existed and worked through different time conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina!


Amera Delihasanović, BSc in Psychology and Gestalt Psychotherapist

Friendship is, indeed, one of the greatest blessings of life. After analyzing the answers to the evaluation questionnaire by our Academy participants, we realized that one of the most sought after topics for the lecture is „Friendship“. 


With this lecture, we wanted to encourage our participants to socialize with each other, but also to provide answers to every question, difficulty and dilemma they might have! Our guest lecturer held this meeting as an interactive workshop where our participants learned a lot about how important friendly relationships are for our mental health.


In the past year, 9 lectures for women were held through the Zoom platform, all by professional and eminent guest lecturers.

dr. Amra Hodžić

„What mental health needs is more sunlight, more honesty and more opened conversations.“


The platform officially started working in January 2021 with a lecture in psychology given by Dr. Amra Hodžić from Frankfurt. Dr. Hodžić opened the lecture by talking about the basic preconditions for mental health and introducing the audience to the connection between mental instability and mental disorders. 

She paid special attention to presenting and describing techniques for achieving well-being, both mental and physical.

Amela Iskrić Hadžić, B.Sc. ing. arch.

In February dear Amela Iskrić Hadžić, B.Sc., gave a lecture on our Platform on the topic “Be Innovative”. She introduced us to the steps that need to be taken to start innovation, and the conditions for the same – motivation, problem recognition and research! 

The lecture concluded with the presentation of the project „Viona – smart technology“ for which Vista design Jajce won the 2nd prize of BH Telecom’s „Start from UP“ platform!

Sadika Avdić, homeopathy doctor

During the third lecture we were introduced to the detoxification of our organism. Through the lecture, Sadika introduced us to the plants and their combination that can be a shield against pathogenic organisms and harmful substances, improving our immunity. The topic of the lecture was related to the Covid19 virus and ways to protect against it. 


Some of the medicinal herbs that are indispensable for cleansing the body are: clove, bitter wormwood, willow grass, bay leaf, black walnut.

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