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About us

In 2022, the Association under the name „IN SANA Western Balkan Women Association e.V“ was officially formed. The goal and purpose of our Association is to support and integrate women, children, youth, parents and senior citizens from the Western Balkans, through comprehensive education and professional services. Also, through active work, we strive to improve the social quality of life, mental and physical health, and promote self-help methods among our members.


In its original form, the IN SANA Association was established in January 2021, and began its active work the following month. During that year, IN SANA operated as a non-profit and independent NGO for active women and mothers from the Western Balkans, and numbered over 200 active women coming from different European countries.


At the very beginning, IN SANA was called the Platform for Women, within which there were 2 more branches: the Platform for Youth and Business Women. From the very beginning, the platform aimed to connect active women from the Balkans and the diaspora, all by offering education primarily through lectures in the fields of pedagogy, psychology and economics.


Join us to work together to strengthen human potential through the organization of professional education, seminars and workshops!


Our mission is to empower all segments of society, through continuous education and networking. We strive to eliminate and overcome the psychological and physical consequences caused by crises and trauma, especially in women, children and youth.


To become one of the most eminent and influential women’s non-governmental organizations both in FR Germany and in the Western Balkans.



One of the most important segments of action today is networking. Without adequate networking, we are deprived of the exchange of quality ideas and content, and we narrow the space for action. The IN SANA Association is open to cooperation with other, similar, associations, which, indeed, nurture and share the same values, and strive for efficient work in order to achieve better and greater goals.


The permanent development of technology, and the need for continuous improvement are precisely the challenges we are facing today. At IN SANA, we strive to respond to these challenges through the most valuable things we can offer to the near and far environment, and that is human potential. Together, we strive to strengthen that potential, offering quality content for personal development and strengthening social competencies.


Empowering women is our primary task, which simultaneously enables us to empower the individual family, which is the pillar of every society. Everyday challenges and expectations that are placed before a woman indicate the need for personal development of each of us. By organizing educations, seminars and workshops, which we plan to offer to our members, we strive to achieve this overall development.

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Western Balkan Women Association e.V

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